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Dance Classes in Vancouver and Burnaby: Salsa, Latin Dance Lessons, Zumba, and More | World Dance Co.

Studio Closed Saturday April 19, Sunday April 20, Monday April 21 for the Easter Long Weekend.

Note: that we ARE still open for classes on Friday, April 18 AND we will be open for Diego's birthday party at 8:30 pm on Saturday, April 19.

New Classes in April 2014 offered by World Dance Co.

West Coast Swing - April 6

Beg. Bachata (at Joe's Apartment) - April 8

Int. Bachata (at Alpen) - April 11

Ladies Styling - April 26

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PRESS RELEASE: World Dance Home of Grupo America Dance Co. has won the 2012 and 2013 World Latin Dance Cup, 1st place in Casino Rueda Cuban Salsa division and 2nd place in the Bachata Team category. Congratulations to Diego Sanchez the choreographer and his Grupo America dancers!

Kids & Teens 1 year Special only $700

Pass allows you to take unlimited classes, you can choose from any of our classes at any of our locations. Great way to stay fit, make new friends, and keep that New Year’s resolution!
Ends Feb.15/14

WORLD DANCE – or 604-517-4644 NEW!!! Vancouver Locations with WORLD DANCE

Joe’s Night ClubSalsa 1: Tues - 8pm
919 Granville St.
Over 19yrs ID Required
Coat Check Mandatory

560 Night ClubSalsa 2: Wed - 8:30pm
560 Seymour St.
Over 19yrs ID Required
Coat Check Mandatory

*Please note that Salsa Level 2 at 560 will be cancelled on April 9 because our instructor is on tour with Grupo America.

Alpen ClubIntermediate Bachata (restarts April 11): Fri - 8pm
4875 Victoria Dr.
East Vancouver

All Students taking any of these classes may stay for the Salsa party for FREE!!! All other students may use special coupons given away at the studio to receive a 50% discount on cover charge at any of these Venues.

Diego's Annual Birthday Bash

Saturday April 19 - 8:30pm

World Dance Co. 4858 Imperial St, Burnaby

Free lesson 8:30pm

  • Fitness Class Special!!! New Yoga Class on Tuesday at 7:00pm
  • Kids and Teens Programs
  • We have 8 levels of Salsa because we cover the 4 styles of Salsa; Colombian, Cuban, LA, and New York-Puerto Rican!!!
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