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Adults and kids classes

Virtual classes available upon request! email us at

Burnaby World Dance
TBA means to be announced
9:30 am- Zumba
5pm – Grupo America Pro Team
7pm – Salsa Lev. 1(Starts July 20)
8pm – Salsa Lev. 2 (Starts July 20)
6pm- Body conditioning
7pm – Zumba
8pm- Beg. Bellydance
9pm- Intermediate Bellydance
9:30am – Zumba
5pm – Zumba
6pm – Salsa Lev. 3 (Starts July 22)
7pm – Salsa Lev. 4  (Starts July 22)
8pm – Beginner Bachata (FREE July 22)
9pm – Intermediate  Bachata  (Starts July 22)
9:30am – Zumba
4pm- Kids/Teen Ballroom (TBA)
5pm- Kids/Teen Ballroom Practice (TBA)
6pm – Zumba
7pm – Salsa Lev. 5 (Starts July 23)
8pm – Salsa Lev. 6 (Starts July 23)
9pm – Advanced Bachata  (Starts July 23)
9:30am – Salsaton
10:30am – Zumba
5pm – Grupo America Pro Team
7pm – Salsa Lev. 1  (FREE July 17)
8pm – Salsa Lev. 2  (Starts July 17)
Saturday (Kids classes you can join anytime)
9am – Zumba
10am – Body Conditioning
11am- Preschool Creative Dance  TBA
12pm- Kids Jazz
1pm- Kids Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop
2pm- Kids Salsa
3pm- Kids/Intermediate Ballroom (TBA)
5pm- Beg. Cha-Cha
6pm- Salsa Lev 3 (Starts July 18)
7pm- Salsa Lev 4 (Starts July 18)
Sunday (Kids classes you can join anytime)
11am – Bronze Adult Ballroom (TBA)
12pm – Kids Beginner Ballroom (TBA)
1pm- Kids//Teen Musical Theater(TBA)
2pm- Kids Preschool Ballet
4pm- Spinning Fundamentals

5pm – Salsa Lev. 5 (Starts July 19)

6pm – Salsa Lev. 6  (Starts July 19)

7pm- Beginner Tango(FREE July 19)

8pm – Intermediate Tango – Sacadas (Starts July 19)
9pm – Advanced Tango -Piernazos  (Starts July 19)

Private Lessons

Private lessons available upon request (for wedding dances, to catch up on your classes, or anything you may need). Please contact Diego Sanchez directly at 778-999-6799.


Kids classes are always accepting new students! Your first class is FREE to try. Call #604-517-4644  or check our schedule for more details.

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