Adult Classes

The classes are all taught by Diego and you can come to any class on the schedule.
No, you do not need to bring a partner. Our classes all work on a rotation basis where the instructor will rotate partners every 2-3 minutes.

If you do bring your own partner and do not want to rotate, we have a special area designated for couples who wish to stay with each other.

We try to make everyone comfortable and happy so if you have any concerns, please speak to our front desk staff upon arrival to your class.

The first step is to check our start dates to ensure that you are within the allowable time frame to join a class. All the start dates are listed in our Schedule. We allow students to join in the first 3 weeks of the course. The exception to this rule is classes which are ongoing and where you can join anytime (Hip Hop, Zumba, Yoga, Bellydance, etc.).

There are 2 ways you can register for a class:

  1. In person at our studio – please arrive 10 minutes before the class to complete the registration process (note that we only accept cash or cheque).
  2. Online – You can purchase your package online here.

In both cases above, please visit our “Prices” FAQ section to determine which package would be suitable for your needs.

Kids Classes


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