About Grupo America

Since exploding onto the Canadian arts scene 20 years ago, Vancouver-based Grupo America has been dazzling International audiences with their spectacular Latin Dance show. Grupo America pushes stylistic boundaries by presenting a variety¬†of dances from every corner of the America’s. The show combines “sizzling” modern routines with beautiful traditional numbers that will take your breath away. Their multitude of striking costumes sets them apart from any dance company you have ever seen, and you will be treated to a visual explosion of colour and glamour! Grupo America boasts talented dancers and choreographers from some of the best folkloric ballets in Latin America. Grupo America has also received international acclaim; including winning the 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2013 Cuban Salsa World Championship in Miami. With over 2000 international shows and appearances, this extraordinary group has gained a reputation as one of Canada’s elite entertainer’s with their irrepressible determination, energy, talent and PASSION!!!

For more information about Grupo America, call 604 517 4644 or check out the Vancouver-based World Dance Co. dance studio (http://www.worlddanceco.com) to learn how you can take dance lessons from Grupo America director and salsa master Diego Sanchez and other talented Grupo dancers.

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