Diego Sanchez

Diego is a 4 time world salsa champion, excelling at many styles of latin and folkloric dances. Diego is also the lead choreographer for the Grupo America Dance Company.

Classes taught by Diego Sanchez:
Salsa, Tango, Bachata, Casino Rueda, Merengue, Cha Cha, Kizomba, Zouk, Mambo, Spinning Fundamentals

Ekaterina Mitchtchenko

Katerina began dancing at the age of eight, and achieved the level of top six in 10-Dance in Russia before she moved to Canada. Partnered with her husband Roland, the couple was three times the Canadian Representative to the World Professional Latin and Showdance Championships. She and Roland were Finalists of the World Professional Showdance Championships in Miami in 2001, and won the Canadian Professional Latin Championship in 2006.

Classes taught by Zafirah:

Kids and Adult Ballroom

Roland Michtchenko

Roland Michtchenko brings more than twenty years of teaching and competing experience to World Dance Co. He was three times the Canadian Representative to the World Professional Latin and Showdance Championships. He and Katerina were Finalists of the World Professional Showdance Championships in Miami in 2001, and won the Canadian Professional Latin Championship in 2006, prior to retiring so that they could devote all their attention to coaching dancers.

Classes taught by Roland:

Kids and Adult Ballroom

Ciprian Stanulescu

A professional ballet dancer. He has graduated in 1994 from Bucharest Ballet Academy, Romania. He has worked with ballet masters from Vaganova School from Russia, from Great Britain and United States.

Classes taught by Ciprian:

Preeschool, Kids & Adult Ballet

Damon Jang

Damon has been in multiple theater productions throughout all of Vancouver and works hard to teach kids the importance of being able to sing, act and dance.

Classes taught by Damon:

Musical Theatre


Professional dancer from Panama, she is currently studying at SFU to earn her dance teacher Diploma. She covers different styles of Jazz: Lyrical, Fosse, Street & Contemporary.

Classes taught by Melany:

Preschool Creative Dance & Jazz


She has been dancing Tap since she was 5 years old at the Vancouver Tap Society, and she loves teaching kids. Class cover styles like Broadway & Jazz Tap.

Classes taught by Chloe:

Kids and Adult Tap


Zafirah is a performer and instructor of Middle Eastern styles. Specialized in Modern Egyptian, Persian and Andalusian forms, she brings aspects of each style to her students for a fun and upbeat experience.

Classes taught by Zafirah:



Eric has been dancing for six years and performed numerous times. He has started leading Moscrop Secondary School’s Hip-Hop Club since 2013 as their director and choreographer and is currently a third year Philosophy student at SFU. He focuses on a variety of dance styles such as locking, popping, grooving, and etc.

Classes taught by Eric:
Beginner and Advanced Kids Hip Hop


Maria belongs to the I.T. Computer world by profession. She is also a wife and a mother of 2 sons. She believes in a balance between healthy living, and doing what makes you happy! She has found this balance in Zumba fitness, and so Zumba has been a part of her life for many years now. Maria is very passionate about Zumba because it keeps her in good shape and makes her feel good about herself inside and out. She loves sharing that with others as well. Her goal in teaching is to “share her burning passion for Zumba, make people feel good about themselves, and be a part of making positive changes to their individuality.

Classes taught by Maria:



MJ focuses on the importance of keeping the dance studio a safe, positive and fun environment for students to learn the art of Hip Hop. Her classes are a combination of both the freestyle and choreography aspects of dance. MJ strives to teach her students that dance is about communicating and sharing the experience with each other while having fun. Currently the President of Douglas College Hip Hop Club, she hopes to change the world by uniting everyone regardless of dance experience/background through her passion for Hip Hop dance.

Classes taught by MJ:

Teen Hip Hop


Alex started investigating movement at a young age. From soccer to skiing, she was no stranger to hard work in the physical realm. However, there was a huge disconnect to spirit and the conscious mind. The lack of presence and connection due to the ‘go, go, go’ mentality often left her feeling emotionally and physically drained. Reflection comes with breath and stillness, a world Alex simply didn’t know existed. Through Acro and Forrest Yoga, the mantra of Softness in Chaos became the pillar of her life on and off the mat. Join Alex’s class to become reacquainted with your breath as well as create flexibility and strength through both body and mind. It’s not a race to the pose, it’s a journey of self-discovery and practice.

Certified in Chief Yoga (Forrest Inspired), Acro Yoga

Classes taught by Alex:


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